Jun 04
Into the Future

With the news that in April that Windows XP was being retired by Microsoft, we began reviewing all our computer systems here at PDL. We knew we needed to upgrade our ailing computers (which had seen an upgrade since 2005!), and began looking not only for the best hardware but also the best package to meet the needs of our growing business. Dell provided us with some great All-in-One systems which have greatly reduced clutter in the office, but also dramatically reduced the turnaround time on quotations from a up to a week, to a matter of hours in some cases! The 5 modern Windows 7 machines we chose combined the speed & power necessary for our daily work, with the clean lines demanded of a forward thinking, modern office environment. Without the steep learning curve which has come to be associated with Windows 8.

After examining all the options (from Google Apps to Azure) we opted for Microsoft's Office 365 Cloud Service. This combined with Insightly for managing our customer information and the outstanding online HR system PeopleHR has set the pace for things to come. With our new system we decided to go "all in" with Cloud technology, and began looking at mobile working solutions for our Directors.

Apple's iPad Air was the obvious solution, both our Director's have iPhone's and it made perfect sense to keep the environment they had already become so familiar with. The challenge of bringing all our client information to the Cloud was met with a combination of Apps from Microsoft's App Store Catalogue and many man hours, but has brought all of our information out of the heads of our specialists and into the open for us all to share. Which has led to a remarkable change in the way our business is managed.